Who am I?

As long as I remember I have always had a great love for animals. I brought home a cat I found, I took care of pony's from other people... I got my first own horse and dog when I was 17 years old. 


Meanwhile I have a horses, four dalmatians and a cat. I've got a breeder certificat for horses and I'm an animal ostepath. As a self employee I can organize my days in that way my dogs won't be alone too long or I can take them with me.



My first dalmatian Indy came in 2008. He enchanted me completely and ever since I'm addicted to dalmatians and spots! Not very long after I've had Indy, I wanted a friend for him and I started looking for another puppy and Jazz made his entrance in 2011. 


With Jazz I made my first, stressy, steps in a dog show ring and then everything followed quickly. I did all the necessary tests to be able to use Jazz as a studdog and beginning 2014 Salsa joined the family with the idea to breed a litter dalmatian puppies of my own. 


My life is divided between horses and dogs. The dalmatian is an ideal dog to accompagn me next to the horse on trail rides. They love it! Because dalmatians really need a lot of exercice, I often go walking the dogs with other friends and their dogs. Our whole pack of dogs love to play and run for hours with each other.



De dogs live in my house and are not kept separated, they are family members who put a smile on my face every day again and again! Some might say my dogs are spoiled, I just think they only get what they deserve! 



                                                                                                                                Julie Pluymers