Puppies... Always cute!

My nest litter is planned for March 2024!!

If you are interested in a dalmatian puppy, my first advice would be to read a lot about the breed. Nobody wins something with an impulsive decision to get a puppy, espescially not the puppy! The dalmatian is a breed who needs a lot of attention and exercice and becomes a strong athletic dog. 


The pups will be born in in the house and will stay there untill they leave to their new families. Inside the house I can watch them and they will be socialised and used to all the usual noises around. They will get loads of attention, lots of toys and when they're old enough they can go to a small part of the garden that is safe for them. They will also meet the other adult dogs and the cat, they will also have a few short trips with the car to the 'outside' world to see some different things, meet strange people... 


During the 8 weeks that puppies are growing here with mummy, I'll be around with my camera to take a lot of pictures and videos so you can see your puppy growing and you can come to visit your puppy. Every pup is leaving us healthy, vaccinated, dewormed, chipped, with BAER-test and puppy kit. You'll receive the pedigree later.  


The choice of the breeder is as important to you as for the breeder the choice of his puppy buyers. We want a perfect match between the puppy and his future family. I'd like to meet you previously to discuss everyones expectations. 


As the breeder I'll be there for you and your puppy all life long. responsable breeders do everything they can to guarantee a good home to their puppies. If for some unexpected raison you may have to rehome your dog, please contact me directly, together we'll find him a new forever home. 


Are you interested in a puppy, contact me and I'll put you on the puppylist without obligations. When the puppies are born, we'll have a look at the puppies together to see which one would be the best match for you. If you have found a puppy at aonther breeder meanwhile, just let me know. 


I'm affiliated at the Royal Belgian Club for Dalmatian Dogs  where I'm on board as secretary and member of the redaction since 2015.I'm also affiliated at the Nederlandse Club voor Dalmatische Honden. I'll be breeding according to the rules of the Sint-Hubertus kennel club and the Belgian club. Please, do not buy a puppy from an advertisement on the internet or in a store, don't suppport this puppy fabric. Only adopt a puppy from a serious breeder who takes care of all his dogs for their entire life. The price might be higher as in a store, indeed, but these breeders only give the very best to their dogs and give them a lifetime of love. Go visit the breeder and convince yourself dogs are healthy and happy and not just kept to produce puppies... The future of dogs depends on your decisions as well.