The dalmatian is a very healthy breed in general. But some problems can occure. In the menu you can read the mean health issues a dalmatian could have. I didn't wrote them, I copied them from other interesting websites. You can find the source on each article. They're very interesting to read completely when you have the time. It will take your knowledge about the breed to another level. Perhaps on a rainy evening with a glass of wine or a hot tea.


The dog's diet is of course not a health problem, but couldn't left out as 'You are what you eat!', does count for dogs as well.  A healthy diet is so important and it is nice to know exactly what and why you give something to your dog. Prevention is always better as healing! Especially because the dalmatian is sensitive to a high purine diet and proteins which could lead to urate stones. My dogs are on a diet of raw meat and vegetables and some BARF sometimes because they like to chew. 


HD problems are almost unexistent in our breed. In Belgium we don't have to test the dalmatian dogs to get the breeding certificate. In the Netherlands they have to be tested. My dogs are tested, as a breeder you realy want to be sure you have healthy dogs to breed with! 


Enjoy reading!