Jazz Singer van Genera Nova

Name: Jazz

Titles: Belgian Champion


Father: Multi. Ch. Udarny Blues S Nevskih Ostrovov

Mother: Quendel Vom Gramzower Kloster

Breeder: A.E.M. Van Vlodrop-Karpinski


Date of birth: 12/04/2011

Gendre: Male

Color: White-black, homozygous black B/B

BAER: +/+


Lemon: free

Dentition complete

DNA-profil ok

Breeding certificat ok

Jazz is a strong masculin male with a golden temperament. He's my best friend who follows me all around in the house. A big teddybear who loves to sit on my lap en is able to ask not to stop to pet him... A strong brave male who can't stand a closed door between me and him... 


He's always in for a game and he's perfectly ok to play the role of victim for Salsa's rough play or other young dogs who try to dominate him. In those cases he throws himself on the floor like he's been hit by a bullet and he lets the young doggies jump on his belly, biting and pulling in his neck...  


With other adult males he's gentle and polite, we often to walking with 4 complete males and there has never been a problem. Also with other males we meet on our walks, he's never been a problem. He's not a trouble maker. With girls, he's a gentle casanova ;-) 


This muscular male is very sportive and loves running for hours during our walks, running next to the bike or horse, swimming en fetching things. Never tired and always enthusiastic. Like a real dalmatian should be! 


Jazz Singer van Genera Nova is a strong, well muscled boy with excellent pigment. He received this dark pigment from both parents. His mother had 4 litters and ALL puppies were bilateral hearing. Jazz was in her last litter of 10 puppies, with 9 alive and one patch was the only fault in that litter. 


Jazz has good angulations, strong bone and an excellent and beautifull topline. He has a lovely but masculin head and a nice front. He moves with with power, souple and ground covering.


His first pups all have his excellent topline and excellent angulations, a lovely head and dark pigment. 


If you're interested in using Jazz as  stud dog for your bitch, don't hesitate to contact me with all your questions.  


For pictures in his free time click here, for show pictures and movement pictures, click here