A Spottified Perfect Mambo

Name: Roczen


Father: Be ch Jazz Singer van Genera Nova

Mother: Be ch Caldecacre Rumours 'N Gossip

Breeder: Julie Pluymers


Date of birthday: 03/04/2016

Sexe: Male

Color: White-black 

BAER: +/+


Lemon: free EE

Full dentition 

DNA-profil present

Breeding certificat present


A Spottified Perfect Mambo, aka Roczen, is in co-own with a good friend. He does not go to shows much, but when he does, he loves it and he looks so much like his father. 


He is born in a litter of 9 puppies and except from patches there were no faults in the litter. That means that he is born in a full hearing litter. His father, Be ch Jazz Singer van Genera Nova was also born in a litter that was was completely hearing. Quendel Vom Gramzower Kloster had 3 litters, all completely full hearing and no blue eyes.


Roczen has a powerfull and long stride, dark pigment and a golden character. He's always happy and is very gentle with the small kids at home. He has no issue with other males, he wants to be friends with every dog.


He loves running next to the bike and of course he loves all the cuddles and hugs from his family.