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Name: Salsa

Titles: Belgian Junior Champion, Luxemburg Junior Champion, Benelux Winster, Belgian Champion, TOPDOG KBCDH 2016, International Champion


Father: Caldecacre Chimango

Mother: Be A Star De Los Perros Santos

Breeder: Louise Clement (GB)


Date of birh: 29/12/2013

Gendre: Bitch

Colour: White-black

BAER: +/+


Lemon: free

Dentition complete

DNA-profil ok

Breeding certificat ok

Salsa is a real diva enjoying all attention. A real bouncy extravert girl you can't miss. With her angelic face you can't do anything else as forgiving all her mischief. Digging holes in the garden, stealing clothes, shredding wooden sticks in my sofa... Or one of her more expensive hobbies: during one of our photoshoot moments, she steals my camera bag (with my lenses inside!!) and runs happily away with it through the fields. Guaranteed her 'mummy' will join the game and starts to run through the fields as well! 


But most of all she loves to 'eat' her best friends. Amy and Gipsy, respectively a beagle and a Jack Russell, raised her when she was still a little puppy. Salsa tumbled under those ragious girls who became her BFF's. Now that she's taller as them, she takes revenge and she doesn't miss an occasion to 'eat' her friends or drag them through the dust. The mimics of these funny friends while they're playing rough, gave us some really funny pictures. 


When she's finally tired, this young lady shows her gentle side and then she's can't sleep anywhere else as on my lap. Everything and everybody needs to move, because she NEEDS to be on my lap. And who am I to refuse this when she looks at me with that cute face and those tired eyes?


At shows, Salsa is a star. As turbulent she is at home or on our walks, as well behaved she can be at a show. She knows the job and shows what a lady she is. Her beautifull head and wonderfull spotting pleases many judges. She has excellent angulations and moves smouthly and ground covering through the ring. Once she's being placed and the paparazzi are finished with taking pictures, she loves to leave the ring on her hindlegs trying to play with a friend.  


Salsa is born in a litter of 8 puppies, one of them had a patch and one had a half blue eye. 7 puppies are +/+ and one puppy is +/- hearing. Out of this litter, her brother Knox in Sweden and her sister Whisper in South-Africa are enjoying the show ring with success. Another brother sired his first litter in spring 2015.  


In 2016 I had my first 'A Spottified' litter! It was a wonderfull first experience! 


If you want to see pictures of Salsa in her free time, click here, if you want to look at pictures at show and her movement, click here