A Spottified Quest For La Dolce Vita

Name: Dolce

Titles: Junior Benelux Winster 18, Belgian Junior Champion


Father: Int ch. Daumont Standing Ovation

Mother: Be ch Caldecacre Rumours 'N Gossip

Breeder: Julie Pluymers


Date of birth: 08/08/2017

Sexe: Bitch

Colour: White-black

BAER: +/+


Lemon: E/E lemon-free

Complete dentition


Breeding certificat present


Dolce is the youngest girl of the gang. She decided herself she wanted to stay. She escaped all the time from the puppypen to go and sleep with ´the big dogs`. This Houdini was stubborn and we all gave in. She already had her spot on the sofa so she might as well stay!


Dolce was born in a litter of 8 puppies. The entire litter was bilateral hearing and no blue eyes. We did have 2 patches. Several puppies out of this litter will showdogs en hopefully they will become studdogs and good mothers. Dolce has a dark pigment and a beautifull topline and good angulations.


At this moment, Miss is still being a young girl and acting like she´s still a little puppy. Her favorite place on the sofa is on the back of the seat, hanging in my neck and with her head on my shoulders, looking at what I´m doing on FB...


She has a degree in digging holes in the garden and her favorite sport is swimming. With other dogs she likes roll play games, she´s the crocodile ;-) Or running and biting in the tales, so much fun, right? When other dogs are getting tired of her and are telling her to stop, she trows herself on the ground and gives them her beautifull toothpaste smile.



This silly girl needs to mature first and win some points on shows before, if everything goes like planned, having her own puppies.